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Senior Living and Long Term Care Providers qualify for stimulus funding.

Your organization could qualify for $10,000 to $100,000 (or more!) in funds.

But, you have to know how to ask. 

LW Consulting, Inc. (LWCI) can assist your organization in gaining access to these dollars.

The American Rescue plan is an unprecedented piece of legislation, designed to provide funding to citizens and industries that were hardest hit by the pandemic. 

Certainly, aging services providers took the brunt of COVID-19.

Now, through this new government program, providers can access funds to recruit and retain talent, improve infrastructure, re-engage the workforce, and continue to provide top quality care.


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Now is the time to request funds, before it's too late.

A recent article from McKnight's details how associations of providers are lobbying to access funds at the state level. While this is certainly needed, there's even more funding available at the local level. 

Creating a targeted, succinct, and local request is the best way to access these funds.

LW Consulting, Inc. is your trusted partner to advocate for this money.

How can LWCI assist in accessing these funds?

 Our team of experienced compliance and municipal consultants works with you to identify specific needs for your organization. Opportunities include broadband and wifi improvements, ventilation upgrades, workforce initiatives, and more.

We research your local municipality to discover opportunities and hot-button issues.

We create a complete proposal package and present it to local government officials, detailing specific requests and reporting mechanisms that comply with the statutes and funding regulations.

Our seasoned Municipal Consultant advocates directly with local officials, on your behalf, allowing your staff to continue day-to-day operations.

Upon successful funding, LW Consulting, Inc. can provide ongoing support to both your organization and the municipality, including reporting and compliance.
American Rescue Plan Funding Process


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