Oct 14 @ 1:00 pm: ChartVerify® Demo for Outpatient Therapy Providers


As health care payment continues to shift from "payment to vol;ume," providers are considering how to handle the increased administrative burden to stay in compliance with the changes. One of the greatest risks to therapy practices is not having documentation that supports medically necessary and reasonable care.

If your outpatient therapy practice is auditing, but identifying resources to conduct the audits is daunting, let LW Consulting, Inc.'s web-based audit tool do the work.

Benefits of ChartVerify®:

  • Allows outpatient therapy providers to conduct routine documentation audits to monitor one of the greatest compliance risk areas.
  • Designed to assist compliance officers, risk managers and auditors in implementing their audit plans while reducing the administrative burden.
  • Provides instant downloadable reports.
  • Allows the compliance officer to identify documentation non-compliance to continually provide proper training to staff.

Looking for an easier, more efficient way to conduct documentation audits? Register for our demo on October 14, 2019 at 1:00PM EST.

Learn more about ChartVerify® at www.ChartVerify.com.

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