Executive Compensation
Executive Compensation in Not-for-Profit Senior Living can be a tricky subject.

That's why we did our homework.

Introducing the "The Value of Leadership" - the  inaugural Not-for-Profit Senior Living Executive Compensation Report from LW Consulting, Inc.

Talking about salaries and compensation is a taboo topic - especially at the highest levels of an organization.

But, proper not-for-profit governance centers on providing boards of directors with quality information to support their decisions. This is especially true when it comes to compensation packages for individuals in leadership positions. 

These decisions do not need to be made blindly, however. Every not-for-profit organization has to file a required IRS Form 990 describing their operations and reporting the compensation of key executives. This information is public knowledge and readily available.

Utilizing the IRS Form 990, our team analyzed the compensation information for hundreds of not-for-profit senior living leaders from 2017 to the present. In total, more than 3,400 entries were reviewed. 

Now, we are sharing some of our findings with you. 

What's in the report? 

  • Average and median compensation statistics for CEOs, CFOs, and COOs serving the nation's largest not-for-profit senior living providers.
  • Cohorted data to put the numbers in perspective.
  • Information on the data sources, our analysis techniques, and reporting standards.
  • Predictions on the future trends in C-Suite composition and compensation.

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