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Choosing the Right Independent Monitor is an Important Decision

LW Consulting, Inc. (LWCI) has long been known as an experienced and reliable partner to healthcare providers, with a particular focus on acting as an Independent Review Organization (IRO). Now, the firm is proud to announce the expansion of its service offerings to include Independent Monitoring to help providers mitigate the risk of repeat deficiencies.

What does Independent Monitoring entail?

Usually, a provider will contract with an Independent Monitor, such as LWCI, to provide services as part of a settlement concerning provider quality of care, licensure, or regulatory enforcement. An Independent Monitor may be required under a Quality of Care Corporate Integrity Agreement or based on the receipt of a CMS 2567 Statement of Deficiencies and Plan of Correction. Independent Monitors oversee compliance with the Corporate Integrity Agreement, implement the Plan of Correction, and facilitate discussions with the client to review actions already taken, analyze the results of those actions, and plan for the next steps. The consultant will also review barriers to change and time frame complexities, among other challenges. The consultant follows settlement monitoring requirements or develops a work plan.

Regular clear and direct communication as to status is the key to this service.

When a Plan of Correction is involved, the consultant will provide comments on that document. Following these initial steps, a consultant will work both remotely and on-site at the provider to monitor the progress of goals, level of compliance, and recommendations for continued improvement. If the licensing agency mandates the Monitor, the consultant will provide the services required by the licensing agency. Monitoring actions may include a review of medical records, QAPI minutes, incident reports, personnel files, policies and procedures, and direct interactions with staff through interviews and meeting attendance. The purpose of all these activities is to provide evidence of progress to resolve deficiencies and regain full compliance.

About LW Consulting, Inc.

For nearly two decades, LW Consulting Inc. has delivered operational and compliance improvements to hospitals, clinics, therapy and rehabilitation providers, as well as skilled nursing and long-term care facilities. This expertise is also applied to compliance actions and legal proceedings, with a specialty in acting as an independent review organization (IRO). Our clients gain peace of mind knowing that they have received reliable advice and guidance that improves their business.

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