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PA DHS Announces Extension of the Civil Money Penalty Grant Submission Deadline

December 07, 2018
Compliance By Rodney Farley, Director

The Pennsylvania Departments of Human Services, Health, and Aging has recently announced that they are extending the Long-Term Care (LTC) Grant submission deadline to December 31, 2018. 

The LTC Grant is used to benefit nursing facilities by granting funds to support activities that will protect and benefit residents. The money is collected from Civil Money Penalties (CMPs) that were given to Medical Assistance (MA) nursing facilities, nursing facilities (NFs) and dually-certified Skilled Nursing Facilities (SNFs) for failure to meet compliance standards. Penalties can be assessed for the number of days or for each instance of non-compliance. You can learn more about nursing home compliance by reading our current blog series titled "Elements of an Effective Compliance Program." 

LTC grant applications submitted must be from a licensed MA NF, NF Chain or an entity that is collaborating with one or more NFs. It is expected that a successful applicant has experience and expertise in promoting quality of care and/or quality of life for residents of nursing facilities. 

The grants can be used for the following project categories:

  • Direct Improvement to Quality of Care
  • Resident or Family Councils
  • Culture Change/Quality of Life
  • Consumer Information
  • Training

You can learn more about the project categories here.

The facilities that are awarded CMP grant funds are required to submit quarterly reports that include status updates of approved facility projects. If a grantee fails to submit progress reports, they will not be permitted to receive any future grant's from Pennsylvania Department of Human Services. The grantee is also responsible for submitting a final report that includes evidence of successful completion and the results of the project.

LW Consulting, Inc. can help nursing facilities develop and execute a strategic plan for the application of Long-Term Care (LTC) grant funds. 

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