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Ask an Expert: Do You Have Any Recommendations on Finding an RNAC?

October 31, 2019
Healthcare Consulting By Terry Raser, Senior Consultant

Do you have questions only a healthcare consulting expert can answer? LW Consulting, Inc. gives healthcare professionals the opportunity to ask questions that are answered by specialized industry experts. This month we answer the question, "Do you have any recommendations on finding an RNAC?"


Q. We are currently in search of a RNAC. We have tried to hire an experienced RNAC, but they don't stay long or it takes too long to hire one. Do you have any recommendations or can you provide any assistance? 


As you are aware, the MDS Nurse position is very important, specific and drives the facility’s reimbursement. Not being able to hire an experienced MDS Nurse is a common obstacle. A solution to overcome this obstacle may be to consider training a nurse that is already on your staff. The nurse should be detail oriented, know the residents, and know your computer software. 

LW Consulting, Inc. can provide RNAC training for nurses on your team that you feel are suitable to fill the MDS nurse position. We offer two options: (1) 3-day onsite training at your facility; and (2) 3-day onsite training, at your facility, with once a week follow-up for 4 weeks thereafter. Both options afford you the experience of an LW Consulting, Inc. expert.


Leave your questions in the comments about this or any other topic you would like answered by our experts. 

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