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Contingency Plans Announced for Payment Under Community HealthChoices

February 06, 2018
Reimbursement By Jennifer Matoushek, Senior Consultant

In a list serv correspondence circulated last week, The Office of Long Term Living announced contingency plans for ensuring providers get paid during the implementation of Community HealthChoices (CHC).


The three CHC-MCOs have been diligently working with nursing facilities, nursing facility associations, and the Department of Human Services to “understand our [nursing home] billing requirements and process billing scenarios that are specific to the nursing facility provider community,” as mentioned in the announcement. Further stated is how the three CHC-MCO plan to address provider issues.

The CHC-MCOs will provide:

  • Targeted Technical Assistance
  • Claims Payment Review
  • Cash Advance
The above provisions are intended to facilitate the transition to CHC. However, the Office of Long Term Living encourages providers to still reach out directly to the CHC-MCO if experiencing issues or for those needing additional assistance with claims submission.

As always, LW Consulting, Inc. is available to provide education and consulting on submitting and/or preparing claims for reimbursement. Contact us to learn more.

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