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AHA adamant that hospitals will be ready for ICD-10 implementation

July 17, 2013
Compliance By LW Consulting Inc.

This blog has previously discussed the need for ICD-10 implementation, and how it can even be a potential financial boon to healthcare organizations. Even so, there are some institutions that doubt whether all medical facilities will be able to meet the deadline for the new coding system.

According to the American Hospital Association (AHA) and the Blue Cross Blue Shield Association, the United States' healthcare facilities will successfully cross over to ICD-10 on time. The two organizations wrote letters to the House and Senate explaining their confidence, adding that any wish to delay ICD-10 implementation will not be beneficial for anyone.

"Health plans and hospitals already have spent a considerable amount of time and resources in
preparing the groundwork for ICD-10, establishing transition plans, and training staff," the organizations wrote in their letter. "Any delay in implementation threatens to increase costs, as investments already made will not be fully leveraged and may need to be duplicated."

The AHA and Blue Cross also cited information from an AHA survey, which found that of 750 hospitals polled, 94 percent said that they were fairly confident that they would meet the October 14, 2014 deadline for ICD-10 implementation.

Organization officials added in their letter that healthcare organizations' coding and billing systems are in drastic need of modernization. The new adoption will achieve that goal by creating more accurate and specific descriptions of diseases that will help medical staff better understand what they are treating. 

As medical facilities continue to work toward complete ICD-10 implementation, partnering with a hospital consultant who is well-trained in healthcare IT consulting services will keep the process running as smooth as possible.