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New Action Sets Record For Healthcare Fraud

July 12, 2016
Compliance By LW Consulting Inc.

A-new-action-set-records-for-healthcare-fraud-takedowns_16000872_40034314_0_14110375_300.jpgThere's a new example of fraud and abuse actions for healthcare organizations to learn from. In a recent press release, the Department of Justice described a healthcare fraud "takedown" setting multiple law enforcement records.

According to this statement, representatives from several government agencies, including the FBI, the Defense Criminal Investigative Service and the Department of Health and Human Services, appeared together to announce the news. Criminal and civil charges will center around a total $900 million in false billings and be brought against 301 individuals.

This is reportedly both the largest number of defendants charged and the highest amount of alleged losses "in Strike Force History." This occasion indeed saw the Medicare Fraud Strike Force act in three dozen federal districts, an event the release described as "unprecedented."

Sylvia Burwell, HHS Secretary, praised the unified actions for taking a stand in favor of healthcare security. The charges include aggravated identity theft and health care fraud, among others.

"Millions of seniors depend on Medicare for essential health coverage, and our action shows that this administration remains committed to cracking down on individuals who try to defraud the program," Burwell said. "We are continuing to put new tools and additional resources to work, including $350 million from the Affordable Care Act, for health care fraud prevention and enforcement efforts." She also referred to the future progress the Strike Force is committed to.

The Strike Force's website lists some of its statistics from before this effort: As of September 30, 2015, this group had attended to 1,387 criminal actions involving $1.8 billion. The Strike Force has existed since 2007 and operated in multiple states.

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