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Advocacy groups react to writing that questioned HITECH Act

May 21, 2013
Healthcare Consulting By LW Consulting Inc.

This blog has previously discussed the constant debate in healthcare over whether enough is being done to integrate everything from electronic health records to meeting meaningful use requirements. Not everyone is convinced that such initiatives are helping the U.S. medical sector, and six Republican senators published a white paper explaining their reasoning.

According to the senators, the HITECH Act is not necessarily being well-spent, and they question whether the $35 billion over ten years allotted to it is wise. In response, the Consumer Partnership for eHealth (CPeH) and the Campaign for Better Care (CBC) wrote their own reasoning as to why the current healthcare initiatives are in fact very necessary.

The letter was signed by several advocacy groups, including the American Association on Health and Disability and the Caregiver Action Network. According to the response, any delay in meaningful use requirements will stifle healthcare innovation and slow further progress.

"We cannot transform the entire nations' health information backbone on a dime," the letter said. "Through the EHR Incentive Program, Congress provided the nation with the necessary tools to transform American healthcare from the current fee-for-service model to one that rewards outcomes and quality care."

Furthermore, the letter explained that the current path of meaningful use - stages one and two - have helped streamline technical development and incentivize innovation. The current trajectory will help healthcare organizations implement lessons learned and ensure that the population continues to receive cost-effective, quality care.

As the medical sector continues to adopt changes, a hospital consultant can help facilities remain up to date on the latest healthcare IT initiatives. Whether or not the HITECH Act remains the norm or not, it is crucial for healthcare organizations to remain current with all regulations.