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Are practices keeping pace with medical apps?

April 28, 2014
Healthcare Consulting By LW Consulting Inc.

The amount of healthcare apps on the marketplace may be cause for practices to think more seriously about the way their own electronic health records process information and keep up with technology. They might even suggest alternatives for physicians to consider themselves.

The New York Times reports that the apps available for download and use on consumer electronics allow for simple, home-based answers to common medical problems as well as a populace literally taking its healthcare into its hands. These include apps that allow users to mimic some of the devices used by doctors, like heart monitors and otoscopes. 

However, the article also notes a few of the difficulties that are present with these mobile health initiatives. Some involve the lack of insurance policies in regards to these less localized forms of healthcare: right now, the cost of the medical app falls solely on their consumer, and rests firmly separately from the treatment they get from their insurance provider.

Andrew Borque writes for Technorati about how the implementation of these patient-focused medical apps still can work to serve physicians and their practices.

"Interaction with the physician is up to 80 percent of what consumes time, energy, and money in the client-patient exchange," he writes. "With the proliferation of health-based mobile apps, the new,'data-fed' physician patient interaction can be focused entirely on areas where the physician can provide the greatest insight."

Whatever approach your practice is taking toward the mobile health offerings of the future, compliance consulting services might be necessary to make sure the potential of this technology is understood and incorporated in a way that makes the most sense for your personal business.