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Eight million enrollments announced for healthcare act

April 24, 2014
Healthcare Consulting By LW Consulting Inc.

According to the Washington Post, the government had been expecting 7 million enrollments for the Affordable Care Act. The amount of new enrollments instead was a million more than that, and President Obama seems to be taking it as a victory after months of campaigning and trying to get the message out.

Even though federal healthcare has had some shake-ups of late, with the failures, Kathleen Sebelius' exit and, the delay to the ICD-10 adoption deadline, this number is being used as a sign of some progress, especially since "35 percent of people who enrolled through the federal marketplace were under the age of 35."

Now the question becomes how this will play out over other states and in the future debate of healthcare. NPR recently noted that, while most states have been able to see better performance with their own exchanges than the federal ones, there have also been some recent issues when it comes to these exchanges in places like Portland, Oregon.

And with the need for grant funding growing, individual practices may find their own exchanges in need of fine tuning before they see an even further growth in traffic and enrollments. At the same time, all of the policy holders who are already enlisted in such a plan need to be accounted for, and the New York Times reports that nearly 130 million people can stay with their current health insurance situation.

On top of everything else that these centers have to accomplish, it's crucial that they turn to the healthcare compliance consultants that can assist them in conforming to the rules laid out in response to these recent changes.

The Affordable Care Act may very well continue to be an important program that grows and influences the performance of other regional providers, which is why it needs to be respected.