Executive Search and Interim Staffing Services

by LW Consulting Inc. on August 24, 2015
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LW Consulting Inc. fills many interim staff placements a year, primarily at the executive level. If your organization is looking for a seasoned professional to serve as the nursing home administrator, the director of nursing, the assistant director of nursing, or MDS nurse, consider the following as proof of LW's commitment to superior executive recruitment. We have a reliable approach to discovering and placing individuals that is adaptable to different health organizations, as well as a successful track record of long term care consultant experience.

Matching candidates that are closely aligned with our client-partner's vision and mission is key to our success.

LW Consulting thoroughly researches each client-partner before finding the right person to place within their organization. We look for the skills needed to fill your vacancy – change management, strong leadership, or turnaround management. We are not afraid to place someone with enough knowledge and resolve to go into a facility that is in dire need of leadership.

We also assist client-partners in searching for suitable candidates to permanently fill positions. Our strong industry network enables us to find prospects that met the organization's needs. We often place individuals to fill an interim vacancy and the mutually rewarding relationship turn into a permanent placement.

We are confident that we will find the individual(s) who will most closely meet the prerequisite criteria for the position – whether temporary or permanent. Our Executive Search and Interim Staffing Team search through a constantly evolving database of professionals. The Team strategically chooses the candidates that they present to their client-partners, eliminating those who do not possess the strengths and attributes the organization is seeking. Our client-partners appreciate our due diligence and can trust that the candidates presented to them will contain the right person for the position.

Ultimately, what makes LW Consulting the best choice for interim staffing is our experience and commitment. Our clients can rely on extensive history working with a number of different facilities, nationwide. Between our firm's vast array of industry knowledge and the organizations and partners we have built lasting relationships with, we have unparalleled access to resources that result in successful placement and, often, additional work for other teams in our company.

Learn more about our capabilities and how we can fill your staffing needs by visiting our Executive Search & Interim Staffing page.

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