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Healthcare website issues lead to concerns over contractor costs

April 16, 2014
Healthcare Consulting By LW Consulting Inc.

The cost of the new healthcare efforts made by the government are being felt by states, as the Washington Times recently reported. In reaction to the difficulties that experienced, some states are grappling with contractors over the cost for implementing services that ended up being faulty.

Apparently different states, from Maryland to Oregon, have been attempting to recover some of the money spent on these contracts and looking for a different provider as a result. Maryland in particular, has had to deal with its previous provider, Nordian, as it tries to gain a refund from this company and transition to a different one. In addition to these states, Massachusetts is also said to be denying the contractor companies millions of dollars in payment.

Earlier this month, the Maryland radio station WBAL featured comments from the state's governor, Martin O'Malley, who defined the switch to Deloitte as one that simply makes the most sense for the state given the previous performance of Nordian. He cited Kentucky and Connecticut's exchanges as ones they wanted to follow.

"Having completed this first open enrollment process, we've decided now to, having learned from that, move to a platform that's proven to have worked," he said. He also mentioned that the contractors "let us down" and "did not deliver that which they promised, and then when they said they could fix it, were incapable of fixing it."

In addition to the strategic healthcare consulting services, we can give companies struggling to implement proper healthcare exchanges that these systems will last and won't require this kind of legal hassle later on. If these kinds of problems do arise, though, legal consultants can also be used to help guide the process and lead to correct and desirable performance.