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StartUp Health: Funding in digital health on the rise

April 29, 2014
Healthcare Consulting By LW Consulting Inc.

More money is being invested in digital health, according to the company StartUp Health. In its quarterly presentation on the amount of funding being devoted to this industry, this organization pointed out a huge jump in this number between now and the same time last year.

For Q1 2013, the amount of money invested in this field was nearly $600 million over the course of 144 deals, the slideshow states. This year, the amount of deals went down, but the amount of funding more than doubled to $1.359 million, with much of it coming from the northern California area.

In addition to this, the data also breaks down what related areas within healthcare that have seen growth. According to their findings, big data analytics, personal health, and sensors and vital signs monitoring all saw greater than 100 percent growth, with patient engagement increasing by more than 400 percent.

The sign of more interest from venture capitalists might mean that there's a greater need for healthcare coding and consulting services to keep all companies functional and compliant. Back in February, Owen Tripp wrote that healthcare stands to outstrip other areas as one for growth this year.

"Rather than pushing a new little pill or wearable device, the industry is beginning to focus on the core value of health for consumers—data," Tripp writes. "Successful companies will embrace technologies like mobile and cloud computing to reinvent the system and give consumers the information they need to achieve optimal health." 

Investors being on the same page as the practices and practitioners within the industry could prove to be a boon for further growth. Organizations should start taking this seriously with the right corresponding compliance consulting services.