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Study: Organizations have various approaches to implementing healthcare IT

May 08, 2013
Healthcare Consulting By LW Consulting Inc.

While there is no question that healthcare technology is changing, there still remains some debate as to how medical facilities should implement new systems.

A report by the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS) showed that while many hospitals and care providers agree that the health IT infrastructure needs to change, they have differing ideas as how to approach the matter.

The findings outlined the beliefs of a small focus group that met at HIMSS13. Overall, respondents said that the use of mobile devices, security, data storage and images and information exchanges were top priorities. However, one panel member said that a "slow approach" was needed while another said that facilities would have no choice in changing as employee demand continues to grow.

Karen Schmidt, vice president of enterprise marketing for Comcast, which sponsored the study, said that it is important for healthcare IT leaders to examine their network infrastructures to ensure they have a strong, reliable and scalable foundation.

"A key challenge will be keeping pace with the growing number of mobile devices entering the market while maintaining secure access and providing the performance to deliver vast amounts of healthcare data," she said in a statement.

Additionally, the report found that participants cited "drop zones" as an issue with current IT networks. This relates to how web access is regulated and what limits and options are being offered by vendors.

Whether a hospital is upgrading its electronic medical record system or trying to create a strong bring-your-own-device strategy, it is well-advised to enlist healthcare consulting services. A firm that specializes in healthcare IT consulting can ensure that all staff members remain up-to-date on any organizational changes.