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Survey: Healthcare workers increasingly stressed, still find work rewarding

May 02, 2013
Healthcare Consulting By LW Consulting Inc.

There is no question that working in the healthcare industry can be increasingly difficult on one's state of mind. Caring for numerous patients and having long hours, all while keeping up-to-date on any technological changes can make anyone stressed. However, without healthcare strategic planning, patients could end up suffering as well.

According to a recent CareerBuilder survey, 82 percent of healthcare workers said that while they are not actively looking for a new job currently, they would consider a different position if the right opportunity presented itself. Furthermore, 34 percent of healthcare workers plan to look for a new job in 2013, up from 24 percent last year.

"Not only are healthcare organizations dealing with a shortage of high skill workers, they are facing higher demand fueled by an aging population and more Americans having access to medical benefits," Jason Lovelace, president of CareerBuilder Healthcare, said in a press release.

Lovelace added that long hours and juggling multiple patient needs are also taking a toll on current healthcare workers, which is causing many in the industry to seek a more manageable work experience. 

However, 57 percent of respondents said that they remain in the industry because they find the work satisfying and rewarding. Having a good relationship with co-workers was the next top-listed reason of staying in a position, followed by being in an ideal location.

Essentially, when healthcare organization officials can create a strong environment, it will help doctors, nurses and technicians remain satisfied. With technology continuing to evolve, and becoming more of a central issue to the medical industry, it is crucial for facilities to stay organized. This is where healthcare consulting services can come into play, ensuring that employees are up-to-date and able to manage their workloads.