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Survey: Medical providers still don't understand value of ICD-10 implementation

July 23, 2013
Healthcare Consulting By LW Consulting Inc.

While the American Health Association (AHA) recently explained to the U.S. House and Senate that healthcare organizations will be well-prepared for ICD-10 implementation when its deadline approaches, recent research found contradictory results.

According to an eHealth Initiative survey, done in conjunction with the American Health Information Management Association, 26 percent of healthcare leaders and physicians reported that they had no specific goals to leverage ICD-10 other than for claims processing.

Furthermore, 59 percent of practices expect a significant decline in revenue, while one in four hospitals are unsure of the financial impact.

"Many providers are focused on the tough parts of this transition. They believe they are going to lose money and that it will negatively impact workflow," Jennifer Covich Bordenick, chief executive officer of the eHealth Initiative, said in a news release. "This new system should ultimately help us better measure patient care. But, until we get over the implementation hump, it will be hard for some to see the forest through the trees and see the real value."

Out of the 281 hospital executives, chief information officers and physicians surveyed, a majority were also concerned about barriers that will be encountered within the first six months of implementation. Because of that, the fear is that it will prevent them from realizing the possible benefits that will come from an updated coding system.

As medical facilities of all sizes are bound to encounter similar reservations before the October 1, 2014 deadline, partnering with a healthcare IT consulting firm could be greatly beneficial. That way, all staff members can learn the intricacies of ICD-10 and how to make the changes part of their daily workflow without sacrificing patient care.