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Accurate online presence crucial for wired healthcare

July 01, 2013
Healthcare IT By LW Consulting Inc.

Implementing online records systems into medical practices, or wiring those practices for the first time, is an important process that can require strong healthcare IT consulting to be fully realized. However, medical providers can also make use of such services for learning how to manage their own interests, and to plug any holes in their digital infrastructure which could lead to disastrous consequences.

As an example, one can turn to a recent HealthcareITNews story, which examined the difficulties hospitals are having with Google search results. According to Ed Bennett, a professional in the field who works at the University of Maryland Medical Institute, correcting inaccurate location and contact info brought up by the omnipresent search engine is incompatible with the sorts of conditions most of these practices find themselves in.

Furthermore, due to the extensive nature of some medical networks, facilities can easily find themselves wrestling with pre-programmed responses. In the article, Bennett told HealthcareITNews that this system could result in difficulties for large and small practices, with some cases seeing patients directed to the wrong places by bad Google representation.  

"The fundamental issue here is Google's business model: Automate everything," he said. "There is no customer service. There is no one to call. They automate everything."

This can compound the problems that healthcare administrators already face through the activation of various records initiatives. A facility can seek out a hospital consultant to ensure that the right information is reaching consumers and that the pursuit of better technology does not lead to high standards getting left behind.