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Electronic data programs gets local agencies recognized nationally

July 23, 2013
Healthcare IT By LW Consulting Inc.

One of the many benefits that healthcare IT consulting services might offer include developing the means that practices make use of records technology to net them better exposure and a higher reputation within their field. After all, with adoption such a concern, innovation can help different communities make themselves into key players no matter what area of the health care industry they specialize in.

For example, the National Association of County and City Health Officials recently dispensed its 13th annual Model Practice awards to different initiatives undertaken by local health boards in numerous states using various approaches to information collection. GovhealthIT cited a few that earned this distinction, and what resulted in them receiving this particular award.

Practices that were honored included those in counties from states such as North Carolina, Oregon, and Illinois Subjects and issues addressed by these practices included a range of things as well, such as obesity in Oregon and Illinois' use of sharing between practices. Thirty-eight different boards across the country were given this award, which looks at the specific means taken to increase interaction and treatment, total.

Whether it's a physician consultant for single practitioners or an appropriate service that fits in with their overall structure, using information networks and other standards to further develop different initiatives is one way that health care IT might be investigated to serve as a representation of a particular region's best practices. It can be a process that the entire country goes through as more opportunities present themselves.