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ERs could benefit from online check-in system

July 09, 2013
Healthcare IT By LW Consulting Inc.

One startup company decided to cut down on emergency room check-in times, by taking a similar approach to how restaurants keep themselves organized. So far, 150 hospitals have started using an online check-in system that is accessible from a web browser or a mobile application. 

Called InQuicker, the Nashville-based organization lets patients with non-life threatening injuries go online and register as they normally would. Then, they can better manage their time and even ask to be notified if their estimated wait-time changes.

VP of marketing Stacie Pawlicki explained to MedCity News that InQuicker helps medical facilities be more proactive, allowing them to optimize their time - thus, cutting down on patients' waiting periods. She added that such an option is more important as hospitals are having increased foot traffic - up to 130 million patients each year nationwide.

CEO Michael Brody-Waite explained to the news source that his company's ultimate goal is to improve 5 million patient experiences every year. Additionally, Brody-Waite said that he wants his business to be an asset to clients from the moment they are considering using the product to when they implement it and finally use it.

"Our priority is not a valuation. We don't have an exit strategy," Brody-Waite said. "Our priority is to change the patient experience. We need to have the leverage to be able to say no to people who may think that we shouldn't do something that we're doing."

Healthcare organizations that want to consider this, or similar options, should partner with a hospital consultant to ensure that the best choice is found for their facility. Healthcare IT consulting is a necessity as technology evolves and firms want to streamline workflow without sacrificing patient care.