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FBI issues security warning for healthcare IT

April 28, 2014
Healthcare IT By LW Consulting Inc.

Has your practice checked with the right healthcare coding and consulting services to see if they are adequately protected against the ongoing threats of the internet and, possible security breaches. The Heartbleed bug has netted a vast amount of attention about cyber security, but that doesn't mean that other avenues won't be open to hackers who want to target other internet users.

Reuters has reported on the message that the FBI recently sent to healthcare companies starting earlier this month, which urged them to adopt stronger security. The statement reportedly challenged these entities to devote more attention to protecting important data, seeing as they are "not as resilient to cyber intrusions compared to the financial and retail sectors."

The source also noted that medical data may be more valuable for criminals to obtain than other pieces of the more protected data, like credit card numbers. As other sectors are becoming more attuned to the problems posed by digital loopholes in IT, it appears that this might be one of the most vulnerable and attractive sources of information.

Such problems can extend beyond the realm of the abstract potential for breach and into very real occurrences. CSO Online recently reported on a cyber-attack by the hacking collective Anonymous that recently targeted Boston Children's Hospital. According to the source, the hospital was targeted because of one patient who is in residence there, a young girl who is supposedly being held against her care.

Leaving the specifics of that instance aside, it's clear that reliance on the internet carries the possibilities for both breaches and denial of service attacks that could affect a practice's entire website.