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Healthcare IT relies on qualified professionals

July 19, 2013
Healthcare IT By LW Consulting Inc.

Implementing effective improvements in the field of medical records technology can be made easier through healthcare IT consulting, and according to one recent study from the Health Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS) the number of people skilled enough to perform this work seems to be improving. The analytics branch of the HIMSS has released information collected during a study that polled 224 different executives in the field.

The results, detailed in a release on the organization's website and examining both vendors and providers of medical information technology, seem to show a strong desire to continue developing competent staff, as the number of those associations looking to grow their numbers in this respect reached nearly 80 percent.

For 2012, the majority of those that responded to this survey (more than 85 percent) said that they had taken on at least a single professional to perform work in this area during the course of this time period, and more than 90 percent are planning on outsourcing someone qualified for next year.

JoAnn Klinedinst of HIMSS highlighted the importance proper levels of staffing has on enforcing standards, and will continue to as time passes by.

"Delaying IT initiatives because of staffing issues only creates inefficiencies and hinders technological advances like interoperability initiatives. In turn, this can reduce provider effectiveness and negatively impact patient care," she said.

Outside staff can be used in various healthcare roles to improve your ICD-10 compliance and meet other important government standards. For example, a large facility can take on a hospital consultant to advise it and foster long-lasting relationships as newer regulations are decided upon.