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More physicians come around to EHRs

April 22, 2014
Healthcare IT By LW Consulting Inc.

The early days of electronic health record (EHR) systems were a bit rocky, to say the least. Many doctors complained that these tools made their jobs more complicated because it was difficult to understand. In 2009, Black Book Rankings' annual report on EHR users took a survey of 2,000 physicians and found that 48 percent reported feeling "very dissatisfied" with their EHRs.

It was not good news for tools that promised to reduce costly medical errors, improve patient accessibility to their own medical records and, grant doctors more time to focus on their practices. 

And yet, we know now that humble beginnings are not always indicative of the future.

According to an article on Fierce EMR, it appears that dissatisfaction with EHRs are declining rapidly. That same Black Book Rankings survey that recorded so much opposition five years ago recently found that only 9 percent of physicians are dissatisfied with their EHRs.

What changed? First, EHR vendors have taken great care to improve workflow, and physicians have had more time to sit down and learn how their new tools work. In addition, the news source noted that health information exchanges (HIEs) have improved greatly, allowing for better data sharing that has led to lower costs and improved health outcomes.

In turn, patients have begun to view EHRs in a more positive light and are enthusiastically exploring their options.

Every new technology, no matter how large or small, has some issues when it first launches. In the case of EHRs, we now know that some tweaks can make a big difference. It is clear that there is no better time to seek out healthcare consulting firms and explore potential EHR options for your practice.