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New Brunswick could be making progress with records

April 05, 2014
Healthcare IT By LW Consulting Inc.

Could medical centers that are far behind in the drive to update their records systems experience a sudden turn around? That seems to be the case with the New Brunswick Medical Society, at least as the CBC reports. If this example is to be believed, then perhaps your own practice can start working on improving their records status and not worry about getting left behind forever.

As the source describes, more than a third of the eligible doctors are now taking part in a records program.  While this falls short of the original goals of the organization to secure 500 doctors for this program, it does at least signal a supposed upswing in productivity and a benefit for "hundreds of thousands of patients."

However, on the whole the outlook doesn't appear to be as strong for records in Canada, as the Toronto Star reports that country's Health Council of Canada has disbanded. This may mean a reduced focus on achieving a comprehensive electronic health records system, since that was part of the council's supposed mission.

The Star quoted a former president of the Canadian Medical Association named Dr. Jeff Turnbull, who expressed concern in a recent speech over the future of healthcare in the country.

"I am worried if we leave this exclusively to the provinces and territories, we are going to have a patchwork of health care systems, we are going to have inequity within jurisdictions and between them," he said.

With compliance consulting services employed, your practice can get some support in overseeing their new records systems, especially if recent actions have resulted in a lack of official guidance on the matter. Even small gains in records stability can make a difference for the right communities.