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New HIMSS 'Value Suite' promotes understanding of medical IT

July 17, 2013
Healthcare IT By LW Consulting Inc.

Your medical practice needs to ensure that it's receiving the right information from the most reliable sources to best stay in line with changes in expectations and the industry as a whole. As such, it may be worth implementing healthcare IT consulting services to keep up-to-date with government initiatives designed to ease the transition into interoperability. 

The Health Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS) now has guidelines for practitioners interested in understanding the possible benefits. Known as the "Health IT Value Suite," it includes a categorizing method and acronym known as "STEPS" that helps organizations list different kinds of qualities that make the case for implementation, such as patient satisfaction and education.

The Suite itself is said to contain hundreds of examples to serve as illustrations of these values, and the official executive summary claims it will aid those in the healthcare industry as they "evaluate the success of their IT investments and implementations."

GovHealthIT quoted Carla Smith of HIMSS, as she explained the fundamental reasons behind this new offering at a recent press conference.

"As healthcare providers continue to implement IT solutions, it is increasingly critical to be able to evaluate technology's real impact," she said. "Pinpointing the clinical and financial impact of health IT investments is complex. That's why we're introducing the Health IT Value Suite." 

Turning to consolidated sources of data like this can be one way practices prepare themselves for future developments. But, incorporating a hospital consultant or similar expert into your permanent strategy can help services make better sense of these kinds of tools as they become available.