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New information shows high amount of EHR implementation

May 08, 2013
Healthcare IT By LW Consulting Inc.

Despite attempts to keep a nationwide focus on meeting the required IT deadlines and an avoidance of HIPAA violations, there have been undeniable obstacles to complete adoption. Nevertheless, new information now shows that this March was apparently a positive step forward for meaningful use, as more than 80 percent of those hospitals that are eligible have taken part, HealthcareITNews reports.

This information comes, in turn, from Rob Anthony of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, who recently spoke on the progress made so far this year, citing March in particular as a "very big month."

And there's more good news for those supporting EHR adoption: it was previously reported that the amount of money dispersed in incentives to hospitals that have adopted meaningful use to have reached $12 billion, and now it has exceeded $13 billion - and that's just as of the end of March, although Anthony has hinted that April was also something of a success for these programs.

In addition, Anthony addressed those facilities that have not yet conformed to these measures by identifying them as goals to focus on in the future.

"As we move forward and start engaging in education on this front we'll get a better sense of the challenges facing them and what the hurdles are for these hospitals," Anthony said.

Medical practices that build healthcare IT consulting into their planning can look to also join this effort and raise the number of compliant areas even higher. Though these figures may suggest that progress has been made, enabling the successful long-term implementation of these regulations will require dedication on both the part of the providers and the higher governmental agencies.