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Possible celebrity medical record breach leads to firings at L.A. hospitals

July 31, 2013
Healthcare IT By LW Consulting Inc.

While keeping the personal data of every patient safe is important, it's possible criminals will try to obtain security records of facilities treating high profile individuals. A hospital consultant who understands the necessity of level security standards can seek to increase these across the board and make all of those being treated feel as if their information is well-guarded.

Earlier this month, Reuters reported that a popular clinic for celebrities, Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, has been the victim of a breach that targeted multiple patients. Among those whose records may have been accessed was Kim Kardashian, who had been admitted to the hospital this June to give birth to her new daughter. This was around the same time the other breaches occurred.

In total, 14 different records were targeted, and though all six of the perpetrators of this crime are being fired for their actions, only one of them is reported as having looked at all 14. This kind of attention isn't only an inconvenience for celebrities, but it can put the safety of information for all other residents in the same facility at major risk, and call the capabilities of both the the hospital and participating health networks into question.

In some cases, of course, it may be legal or even necessary for workers to access patient information online and distribute them to others, but even professionals in this field unsure of what the rules are might accidentally find themselves making violations. A healthcare IT consulting firm can steer practices in the right direction and avoid legal mishaps.