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Possible need for hospital bed software in healthcare IT

May 17, 2013
Healthcare IT By LW Consulting Inc.

Some facets of technology being used in the healthcare sphere represent a greater field for growth and could prove to be worth examining for those entering it. One new study suggests that a potent area of telehealth to watch might be software used to help coordinate the use of beds in such larger facilities. It's possible that healthcare IT consulting may well expand to make this a key area, particularly if more applications are developed to take it into consideration.

A release from HIMSS Analytics put this information forth, asserting that this particular family of software has been expanding more rapidly than others in the field in recent years. It allegedly allows for hospital staff members to better manage and organize available beds through electronic means.  

The company's vice president of research, Loren Pettit, described the advantages of these developments in the release, focusing on what qualities make them potentially attractive to providers, especially those unsure of their financial strength and in-house capabilities.

"As hospital administrators grapple with ways to maximize limited resources, bed management applications are a logical answer for many facilities looking at ways to improve the flow of inpatients throughout their facility," Petit said. 

The wealth of different areas for HIT to expand into provide doctors and other professionals with an ever-growing list of new applications and devices to consider implementing, each with their own costs. A large medical practice can confer with a hospital consultant when looking to make the decisions which might best bring it forward into the future.