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Security professionals needed for further health IT development

April 09, 2014
Healthcare IT By LW Consulting Inc.

Without proper guidance and leadership, it's possible that the health IT sector won't develop in the way that it might need to for the best. In a recent interview done for HealthITSecurity, hospital security engineer Stephen Person described this as a serious problem facing the industry.

Why is this so? Person suggests that there hasn't been enough of a focus on finding specialists who have always been geared toward healthcare IT security, since instead this skill set has simply been absorbed by others out of necessity.

"The security gap is totally real and I think, if you look at the history of it, there are a few items to consider," Person says. "Many healthcare IT pros became security pros almost by accident – they were nurses or physicians who showed an aptitude for technology and pretty soon, they were running the IT department."

Even though many within a medical practice or hospital might be trying to educate themselves on how to handle security problems successfully, lacking a specialist with real experience in this field could be dangerous. Perhaps seeking out a hospital consultant with experience in this area could help companies account for their losses in this area.

Writing for CSO Online, Taylor Armerding recently wrote about some of the security issues facing the Department of Health and Human Services. According to those security professionals he quotes, is dangerously exposed to security problems. It's also been difficult because HHS has not responded to security questions.

With the help of a qualified consulting service onboard, your practice shouldn't have to worry about finding the security professionals that are capable of enforcing higher standards.