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Study: Canada eager for new HIT developments

July 25, 2013
Healthcare IT By LW Consulting Inc.

The progression of healthcare technology in different countries can be of interest to those charting their own developments in this area, particularly when it comes to user attitudes. A new study from PwC polled both providers and patients in the medical industry of Canada. The results seem to show a high level of enthusiasm for using technology in conjunction with medical initiatives, and healthcare IT consulting specialists can help your practice become a part of this conversation.

The study, entitled "Making Care Mobile," looked at both predictions about the future of virtual health care services and the desires of different parties for movements in that direction. Secure e-mail systems for communication with physicians, apps that can provide patients with information, and virtual monitoring were some of the topics discussed. Though opinion differs on each of these subjects, the report noted that 52 percent of doctors and 48 percent of patients believe in the power of mobile health to create better treatment options in the future.

This doesn't mean that patients were completely gung-ho when it comes to technology. Regarding remote monitoring, for example, the majority (38 percent) of patients considered privacy and convenience to be just as important. And less than a quarter said they "would definitely use it if it became available."

Ultimately, these kinds of studies can lead one to consider whether or not a hospital consultant is right for their particular situation. Mobile health software will function if users are committed to its practice, and these kinds of studies can potentially provide frameworks for practitioners in varied communities to explore.