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Study shows more physicians could be making use of HIT

May 15, 2013
Healthcare IT By LW Consulting Inc.

Healthcare IT consulting can be a powerful tool for spreading awareness of the capabilities of technology in the medical industry, particularly when it comes to clinical groups that are seeing the most negative effects of a lack of conversion. However, a study from the Deloitte center for Health Solutions has revealed data that there is yet room for some categories of doctors to improve, even as it reports a large amount of success when it comes to meaningful use. This shows how practices can use electronic health services advisors to both better understand these systems and demonstrate the applications to others.

As the study itself puts it, there appears to be a widespread conception of HIT as bringing with it "higher costs but better quality." Specifically, the study found that, while 71 percent of the doctors surveyed believe that new technological developments will result in more cost,  73 percent think it will eventually lead to a total improvement in care. The study also found certain trends to be important factors in whether or not a particular practice had progressed to stage one of meaningful use, including the age of the doctors practicing and the size of where they operate. Perhaps unsurprisingly, the higher percentages of adoption tended to favor both younger doctors and those who worked in larger practices.

Despite the areas in which IT has not been embraced, the study notes the general means in which it is regarded to be helpful. A doctor who falls into one of the less IT-savvy groups could potentially use this information to determine whether or not they should take on a physician consultant.