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The bigger picture of electronic health

May 10, 2013
Healthcare IT By LW Consulting Inc.

The publication "Telemedicine and e-Health" recently featured a guest piece written by University of Michigan's Rashid Bashshur entitled "Compelling Issues in Telemedicine." In it, Bashshur gives voice to the idea that healthcare IT faces the chance to become a dominant form of practice in the United States, although to do so it must consist of "much more than the EHR." This naturally provokes thoughts regarding the best path for facilities to take, and what regulative changes we need to see in order to achieve the best possible result.

As Bashshur, himself a telemedicine professional, puts it, there has not been quite enough progress yet made, and that too many inconsistencies exist in the way certain systems in this category are implemented.  

"It is time to think boldly about the current health reform legislative environment and the unprecedented opportunities for not simply promoting the diffusion of telemedicine but, much more importantly, to establish telemedicine as an integral component of a more rational healthcare organization in this country," he writes.

Thus, one can think of what is currently being discussed in HIT as just a part of the potential boon to healthcare that could eventually be seen in the future. And while it's important not to foster an edifice-like conception of this field, Bashshur points out a variety of different benefits that have resulted from recent changes.

To come to a better understanding of what makes HIT so significant, practices can turn to healthcare IT consulting agents as they attempt to see the emerging technologies that might have the greatest impact on the industry.