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Upgrade to enhance Florida pediatric telehealth services

July 29, 2013
Healthcare IT By LW Consulting Inc.

Healthcare IT consulting services can be employed not just for modernizing an older records system, but also for forging new connections between existing "wired" practices to help them communicate better among themselves. A press release from last week has detailed advancements being made in Florida through the deployment of mobile devices that might increase the amount of interaction between participants.

The Children's Health Fund, in cooperation with the University of Miami Health System, is taking advantage of assistance from Verizon to augment their pediatric units. These systems are designed to visit different communities and provide them with treatment and care.

This new transfusion of technology is meant to keep the systems current and help them interact with other locations to obtain the most accurate information possible. This is being targeted through equipment that enables data to be transmitted faster, and through more coordinated efforts between locations that address specific conditions.

Despite the effort it takes to install new hardware, systems like this can save time for caregivers. The University of Miami's executive vice chair of pediatrics, Dr. Daniel Armstrong, explained the purpose of the overhauls.

"This telemedicine system is much more than a video chat," he said. "It allows our healthcare providers to not only see and interact with patients via live video, but also to monitor vital signs; perform advanced screenings and tests; and observe their outcomes – all in real time."

A central medical facility can partner with a hospital consultant to see if a strategy like this is feasible, especially for reaching lower-income patients who might not otherwise seek treatment.