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Veterans Health Administration among 'most wired' health systems

July 12, 2013
Healthcare IT By LW Consulting Inc.

Healthcare IT consulting services can give practices a glimpse into what qualities work for a successful electronic health record and where the largest players in the industry are located. To that end, industry surveys and lists can be useful markers with statistics worth examining.

The magazine Hospitals and Health Networks has disclosed its list of those practices that have made the most progress in terms of electronic health initiatives, including practices that make use of databases, exchanges and different systems to cut down on errors, especially those that put the patient first.

According to the list, the Veterans Health Administration has demonstrated proficiency in this area, with eight different records systems over 150 facilities and a focus on shortening the gap between patients and their information. 

In a feature for the magazine, the VHA's chief medical information officer, Dr. Theresa Cullen, described how important it is to keep the patient connected through integrated systems.

"We believe that our success — and future success — depends upon health information being available at the point of care," she said, also stating that "access to data changes patients' lives."

The total list consists of 289 different entities, including the Nashville-based HCA and Atlantic Health System in Morristown, New Jersey. This is the 15th edition of this list.

Turning to an informed hospital consultant who understands the means by which other networks have extended their reach. It can also be taken as a sign of the increasing advancement of both this technology and its awareness. Providers can also use these lists as sources for other possible models and guides for them to look to as integration grows.