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Web service offers cyber-resource for cancer patients

May 03, 2013
Healthcare IT By LW Consulting Inc.

Over the past few months, we've seen online medical resources appear with the capabilities to benefit patients with specific concerns. One thing that a healthcare IT consulting specialist can accomplish is to take these platforms into account as different solutions for afflicted individuals to address their situations. A service recently opened to the public aims to connect cancer patients to each other and provide them with the sort of support they might not otherwise receive in their daily lives.

The site is known as SmartPatients, and it reportedly allows users to access information relevant to them at their own pace. The site offers forums for patients to start conversations, as well as a search function to discover news on clinical trials that might be relevant to a particular condition.   

SmartPatients was co-founded by Roni Zeigler, formerly of Google, who has a decade of health software experience under his belt, along with the Association of Cancer Online Resources' founder Gilles Friedman. In addition to this, last month they announced that it was partnering with OncoSec Medical Inc., a developer of treatment technologies, to focus on certain patients with a specific type of skin cancer.

It can be a great help to simply give patients the ability communicate with each other through capabilities seen in most in existing computer systems. This sort of service can also be of use to medical providers who may use it to exchange information between practices, or direct patients looking for additional forms of support. While it's no substitute to proper treatment and consultation, it is a development worthy of consideration.