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What to do in the wake of the ICD-10 delay?

April 09, 2014
Healthcare IT By LW Consulting Inc.

If you're a medical professional, you may have foreseen the delay of the ICD-10 deadline as the days grew closer, or you may not have. But the question remains either way: how should hospitals ensure they're ready to meet the deadline and aren't experiencing the same dilemma a year from now?

EHR Intelligence interviewed the President of the Practice Management Resource Group, Ron Rosenberg, who advised physicians to see this extended time period as a time in which to prepare for ICD-10 more thoroughly. This includes learning the code and making sure the selected billing system is up to par and able to be used.

Learning at least some of the code would make the process go smoother, Rosenberg says, even though he believes most providers will be ready for the deadline this coming October.

"The cost of any kind of fumbling on the part of the payers, or the systems companies, is really going to be placed on the shoulders on the practices," he said. He also expressed some anxiety that "the testing that's going on hasn't been universal. It's still going to be a collective intake of breath."

Echoing similar feelings, a piece on Diagnostic Imaging recently listed some of the steps that providers need to take now that they have the extra time, some of the main steps being training staff and testing systems thoroughly. 

In order to get a better grip on the most relevant aspects of ICD-10 codes for your practice, you can start by finding healthcare coding and consulting services you trust, perhaps those that work in your field, to give you the most tailored and useful guidance.