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LW Consulting, Inc. Partners with Clean Energy Infrastructure Firm Blue Sky Power (Press Release)

September 04, 2018
News & Press Releases By LW Consulting Inc.

Blue Sky Power and LW Consulting, Inc. (LWCI) announce an exciting partnership that will make resilient, sustainable energy more attainable for companies in the healthcare industry.

LWCI uses its wealth of expertise to help those across the healthcare continuum bolster capabilities, comply with industry standards and regulations, and bring innovative operational ideas to life. LWCI is partnering with Blue Sky Power, a clean energy infrastructure firm that specializes in developing and operating clean energy infrastructure projects that increase the resiliency, sustainability, and efficiency of buildings and campuses.

This partnership represents an exciting opportunity for the healthcare and senior living industries, making it easier than ever for institutions to focus on the care of their patients and residents. Through efficiency improvements, procurement negotiations, specialized finance structures, and incentives and grants, Blue Sky Power creates significant cost savings for these institutions. Energy infrastructure upgrades allow healthcare institutions to better serve their core mission by allocating money from energy payments to life-saving programs.

When asked about the value of the partnership, Blue Sky Power Founder and CEO Ben Parvey stated,

“LW Consulting has a proven record of helping their clients reach new heights of operational efficiency through industry knowledge, accuracy and creativity. Blue Sky Power is thrilled with this opportunity, which not only expands our reach in helping healthcare and senior living facilities become more sustainable, resilient, and efficient, but also allows us to offer our own clients the invaluable services that LW Consulting has to offer.”

Harriett Wall, LWCI Principal and CEO, had this to say,

“LWCI is excited by our partnership with Blue Sky Power. Through this partnership, we will offer services that will help clients focus their financial resources on their mission – excellent care to patients in a healthy, comfortable and safe setting. We are pleased that these services will also support our clients’ strategic objectives to increase environmentally-friendly practices.”

This partnership will benefit all by creating a more sustainable, healthier world. Additionally, the partnership will relieve stress on the energy grid through the creation of on-site clean energy production, which results in a stronger, more reliable grid.


About LW Consulting, Inc. – LW Consulting, Inc. is a national healthcare consulting firm, headquartered in Harrisburg, PA, with an additional office in South Carolina. Our strong team of industry experts are dedicated to solving problems and generating opportunities for clients. Whether its payment reform; regulatory and compliance; executive search and interim placement; coaching, training and education; litigation support; clinical advisory; or business and financial advisory; our team of consultants possess the diverse and deep experience needed to navigate challenging times.

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About Blue Sky Power – Blue Sky Power develops, finances, operates and manages clean energy capital projects for healthcare, senior living, collegiate, governmental, institutional and industrial facilities. On-site clean power generation, microgrids and cogeneration are the future of American Energy. Hospitals, senior living communities and other institutions spend significant resources on energy, usually one of the top costs in any operating or capital budget. As a clean energy advisor and project developer, Blue Sky Power develops institutional energy infrastructure, procures energy supply and implements energy programs to free up capital and other resources so an institution can concentrate on its core mission.

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