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LWCI Employee Spotlight: Cathy Benfer

November 04, 2019
News & Press Releases By LW Consulting Inc.

LW Consulting, Inc. (LWCI) comprises experts that dedicate their time to helping leaders meet today’s healthcare challenges. The experts that make up the LWCI team come from various professional walks of life and bring their own experience, knowledge and skills to the table. It is because of these seasoned individuals, we are able to fulfill our mission of  “making lives better through worthwhile work.”

As a company that puts people first—our clients and the extraordinary individuals that make up the LWCI team— we are grateful and want to show our appreciation by highlighting the difference they are making in the industry.  Here’s your opportunity to learn more about what our experts do and what they love about their profession. 


Who is Cathy Benfer?

Cathy Benfer, Manager of Recruitment Services, works in the Management Division for LW Consulting, Inc. She has been working with LWCI since August 2017. 


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What do you do to help LWCI clients?

The focus in my role is to bring excellent candidates together with outstanding employers for either interim or executive placements. My efforts are focused on key management positions with organizations which include c-suite positions as well as operations management and clinical management positions. Our clients are primarily in the senior living industry or, organizations that provide post-acute services.

What do you enjoy most about the work you do at LWCI?

I enjoy connecting with clients and candidates. From a client perspective, it is always an adventure to discover client operating models and culture. Each organization has its own and unique personality that sets them apart from their competitors. I love delving in to assist these organizations with placements. From a candidate’s point of view, I enjoy talking with the candidates about their past experience and where they are looking to move in their next interim assignment or permanent placement position. I especially enjoy hearing about what makes candidates tick and be successful employees in their former roles.  

What inspired you to get into the business of healthcare consulting?

 From my nearly 30 years in the senior living business, I have had the great opportunity to work with some phenomenal organizations. Combining my operations background together with my education and experience in Human Resources brought me to LWCI. Here, I can assist clients in many different ways in addition to providing interim and executive placement staff for a wide variety of clients. The experience and education I have brought with me is open to be tapped by my colleagues at LWCI for many different types of projects. I have had the great pleasure to work with other team members on a variety of projects ranging from requests for proposals, strategic planning for future expansion and reconfiguration, operational assessments and audit projects. Each of these opportunities connects with my experiences and prompts me to think outside the box in order to help our clients. 

What is some advice you would give to others starting out in the profession?

Working in the consulting world is much different than working in a traditional organization. Additionally, the field of senior living is a field that you either love or you get out of because there is no space to make bad decisions. In senior living, we are people taking care of people which is what makes the profession exciting and sometimes frustrating at the same time. As a consultant, I can offer alternatives to our clients that often spark a new way of thinking. Perhaps because of the suggestion which is something that has worked for me in the past or something that we, as a team, have collectively worked on with another project. In consulting, the work we do is innovative and thought provoking, but ultimately  we have to keep our clients  our main focus to help them perform better and have more successful organizations.