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LWCI Employee Spotlight: Deborah Alexander

May 20, 2019
News & Press Releases By LW Consulting Inc.

LW Consulting, Inc. (LWCI) comprises experts that dedicate their time to helping leaders meet today’s healthcare challenges. The experts that make up the LWCI team come from various professional walks of life and bring their own experience, knowledge and skills to the table. It is because of these seasoned individuals, we are able to fulfill our mission of  “making lives better through worthwhile work.”

As a company that puts people first—our clients and the extraordinary individuals that make up the LWCI team— we are grateful and want to show our appreciation by highlighting the difference they are making in the industry.  Here’s your opportunity to learn more about what our experts do and what they love about their profession. 

Who is Deborah Alexander?

Deborah Alexander, Director of LW Consulting Inc.’s(LWCI) Rehabilitation Consulting Services, will be with the company one year in June. Deborah has an extensive compliance project management background, having served as a Department of Health Administrator(DOH) in PA and Regional Clinical Operator for one of the largest long-term care providers in the country, overseeing thirty (30) therapy and over thirty-five (35) respiratory contracts. As the PA DOH Administrator, she was responsible for ensuring survey readiness and response to any deficiencies identified. This experience lends to an in depth knowledge and understanding of how compliance and operations co-exist. Deborah has also worked within a compliance department of a multi-site provider with over 25 locations conducting risk assessments, conducting and implementing compliance and HIPAA audits, developing policies and procedures and conducting compliance investigations. As a project manager, Deborah possesses experience following engagements and products through the life-cycle to conclusion while monitoring resources within budget. 

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What do you do to help LWCI clients?

I assist clients with assessing their compliance programs in an ever-changing regulatory environment. This assistance comes in many forms such as chart auditing for coding and medical necessity compliance, developing and providing training based on the gaps identified, policy and procedure review, technology implementation into compliance while serving my clients’ needs given their resources available. I also oversee LW Consulting Inc.’s cloud-based documentation auditing software, ChartVerify®, which is designed to assist compliance and auditors with therapy documentation compliance with plans to expand into Inpatient Rehabilitation, Home Health and Skilled Nursing.

What do you enjoy most about the work you do at LWCI?

I enjoy the varying backgrounds of the LWCI team, which allows us to support our clients across all provider settings. Every day I am challenged to create a solution to a problem or need which requires me to  to think differently. I enjoy the diversity of the services offered by LWCI and the cross-functional solutions developed to serve our clients’ needs. I am extremely passionate about integrating technology and processes into compliance and the opportunity for me to provide leadership in this area at LWCI.  Innovation  is paramount to support our clients and internal team.

What inspired you to get into the business of healthcare consulting?

Starting out as a physical therapist is a far cry from consulting, but I believe they both stem from the same core values. As a physical therapist, I found my greatest satisfaction in helping patients return from an injury after conducting a patient assessment, establishing a plan and providing treatment/training all while following clinical and regulatory guidelines. I believe it was somewhat of a natural progression for me to transition into varying compliance related goals such as the Director of Rehab, Director of Clinical Operations, Regional Director of Clinical Operations (Area Director) and then CEO of a Consulting firm prior to joining LWCI.  My fascination with analyzing a situation, assessing possible solutions and implementing a consensus-driven plan stems from my core of being a physical therapist. Now, as a consultant, I am able to implement these core therapist-related strategies to the clients I serve.

What is some advice you would give to others starting out in the profession?

Healthcare is one of the most regulated industries with changes being released almost every day. When starting out in consulting, I would recommend finding a mentor, read the OIG Compliance guidance documents and signup for the various blogs from the Federal regulatory agencies, such as CMS and OIG. It is important at the onset of your career, to grasp an understanding of compliance at the basic level while being prepared for continuous change. Be prepared at some point in your consulting career, you may be forced to make the decision to specialize in a particular area of interest. This is a challenge as many expect you to have all the answers. It will be important to your success, as a consultant, to recognize your knowledge and expertise limitations. I would challenge yourself to overcome those limitations through endless learning and reading, but it will be important to surround yourself with connections, clients, contacts and mentors.