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LWCI Employee Spotlight: Emile LeDoux

June 24, 2019
News & Press Releases By LW Consulting Inc.

LW Consulting, Inc. (LWCI) comprises experts that dedicate their time to helping leaders meet today’s healthcare challenges. The experts that make up the LWCI team come from various professional walks of life and bring their own experience, knowledge and skills to the table. It is because of these seasoned individuals, we are able to fulfill our mission of  “making lives better through worthwhile work.”

As a company that puts people first—our clients and the extraordinary individuals that make up the LWCI team— we are grateful and want to show our appreciation by highlighting the difference they are making in the industry.  Here’s your opportunity to learn more about what our experts do and what they love about their profession. 

Who is Emile LeDoux?

Emile LeDoux, Senior Consultant in the Management division, has been with LWCI for three years. 

 Emile_employee spotlight


What do you do to help LWCI clients?

In my position as a senior consultant with LW Consulting, Inc. (LWCI), I conduct Mock Surveys and Operational Assessments covering Housekeeping/Laundry and Dining Services. I create policies, documentation and in-services to help our clients improve their operations from a financial, regulatory and quality perspective.

What do you enjoy most about the work you do at LWCI?

I enjoy making a positive impact on the lives of our seniors each day. At one point in my life, I had considered being a teacher because I enjoy leading and helping others. With LWCI, I get to pursue that passion while sharing my experience with our clients. Throughout my career, I have worked with over one hundred senior living communities, so I have seen what has and has not worked in communities of varying sizes, demographics and locations. When I attain an opportunity to work with a new client and help them see their community in a new light, I walk away with a rejuvenated sense of purpose.

What inspired you to get into the business of healthcare consulting?

I spent many years in operations, and consulting was the next logical step. While in operations, it was my job to work with facilities that needed the most help to improve their operations. Once I had the communities operating successfully, I was given new communities to work with. I spent a considerable amount of time on the road and was working seven days a week for about ten years. LWCI has given me the ability to not only help improve operations throughout numerous communities but also the opportunity to have more time to focus on my family.

What is some advice you would give to others starting out in the profession?

Recently, at one of the senior living conferences, I had the opportunity to meet an undergrad student who intends to enter the industry in the next year. He was passionate about how he and his fellow students are going to change the industry. He felt that many of the people working in Senior Living have “fallen” into their careers, and that the industry as a whole has become stagnant. The student went on to explain that what makes him and his colleagues different is that they have chosen to work in the industry. I admired his passion and his plans to influence, but he also made me realize how long I have been in the industry and how much the industry has changed.

I explained to him that I had not initially chosen to work in Senior Living, and that I had found myself in the industry while I was trying to figure out my career path. The truth is that Senior Living is not for everyone, and it takes special people to enter this career path. The people that have “fallen into the industry,” have done so for a reason. It has nothing to do with money or accolades. The people that work in and stay in this industry have been touched on a personal level by the people that they care for. I explained to him that each individual at the conference had a story of someone that touched their lives and made working in Senior Living important to them, whether it was a family member they helped through the aging processor or the first residents they worked with at the beginning of their career. Those memories and stories tie us to this field for the rest of our career and continuously remind us of the importance of what we do.

I advised him to stay passionate and to soak up as much information as he can, while also keeping an open mind. Many of us have worked behind the curtain and understand the restrictions we have from an operational, regulatory and financial standpoint. It can become overwhelming and easy to lose sight of why we chose to work in this industry. It is important and necessary to spend a portion of each day out on the floor with residents.