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Free medical payment database could be in the works

July 30, 2013
Compliance By LW Consulting Inc.

With healthcare IT consulting for patient information and electronic records systems available to help practices make smooth transitions, other types of connected systems might benefit both doctors and patients. One such idea has been floating around the Senate this summer that could address possible issues with Medicare and hold the government responsible for the payments. 

A press release on Oregon senator Ron Wyden's website describes the Medicare Data Access for Transparency and Accountability (DATA) Act and its intended purpose, which reportedly builds upon other efforts previously introduced by the same man. According to this statement, the database established by this legislation would aim to promote transparency while reducing the possibilities for fraud and scam payments.

The information available would pertain to claims made by providers through Medicare. Members of the public would theoretically be able to trace the money they sent in for payments through this system.  

In his prefatory statement, Senator Widen, who is supported in this effort by fellow senators Michael Bennet of Colorado and Chuck Grassley of Iowa, defended this initiative, saying that this would help fight against government suppression of information.

"The Medicare DATA Act ensures all taxpayers have access to Medicare Claims Database, both to aid them in making medical decisions, and in understanding what their money is paying for in this vital, yet enormous, health program," his statement read.

It's possible that new programs like this might bring confusion as to the best way to respond to certain regulations. In this case, seeking out proper medical litigation support can be helpful as the industry adjusts to new changes.