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Millions of dollars to be invested in New York EHR network

April 16, 2014
Compliance By LW Consulting Inc.

The state of New York's electronic health record system will receive a sizable amount of money, according to a piece in the Albany Business Review. This comes as part of an initiative that affects not just this state but the neighboring state of New Jersey as well.

According to the source, the grant will partly affect the Health Information Xchange of New York, which will include the sum being set aside for the improvement of electronic health records. Practices can take notice of the improvements being made in the name of these major initiatives and look at the ways that they might effect their practice.  

HealthcareITNews reported on the Jersey side of the equation, expected to see more than $11 million devoted to the New Jersey Health Network. This is hoped to improve the state's current standing as the lowest rating for electronic health record use in the country, with an adoption rate 27 percent below the national average.

What are some of the hurdles that can keep these lower-level adopters from making more progress? Issues could stem from problems with streamlining medical billing. The Atlantic recently featured quotes from one anonymous medical practitioner on the difficulties hounding adoption of records systems.

"EMRs facilitate this process, but I think the causes lie upstream—with physicians, with the hospitals that increasingly employ us, and with our political choice to largely preserve a fee-for-service medical system," this person said.

Whatever step medical practices find themselves at when it comes to updating their records, a medical billing consultant might be needed to ease the process along and act as a supplemental resource, so that the work can be made easier.