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Payroll Based Journaling Data Will Be Made Public on November 1

September 27, 2017
Compliance By Jennifer Matoushek, Senior Consultant

It's a known fact that long-term care staffing greatly impacts delivery of care to residents. To foster more transparency, in August 2015, CMS amended the Requirements of Participation for Long Term Care facilities to require the electronic submission of staffing data. When combined with census information, according to this McKnight's Long Term Care article, the data will not only be used to report on staffing levels, but employee turnover as well.




Now, the data is going public. CMS recently announced it will begin publicly posting provider's Payroll Based Journaling data starting November 1. The first public use file will be available at and will include the reporting period for quarter 1 and 2 of 2017.

CMS began collecting voluntary staffing data back in October 2015, giving providers time to prepare for the mandatory submission period. Now, not only will CMS begin posting data for viewing by facilities, stakeholders and the general public, but the federal agency plans to post to the Nursing Home Compare website whether or not facilities have met the on time and accuracy requirements for each reporting period.

This recent announcement from CMS is all the more reason for providers to take the necessary steps towards improving their staffing processes, as well as the timely submission of staffing data. Currently, staffing measures posted on Nursing Home Compare are used in the Five Star Quality Rating System and are derived from information submitted by facilities on the CMS-671 form. In 2018, CMS plans to replace this data with PBJ submission data.

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