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[Podcast] Can Your Documentation Stand Up to an Audit?

May 17, 2018
Documentation, Billing, & Coding By Rob Senska, Director and General Counsel

Documentation has been under increased scrutiny as the role of the medical record has substantially changed over the past several years. Managed care, health care reform and the implementation of electronic health records has made chart documentation vital for every service that is being submitted for payment. As part of your compliance program, it’s important to understand what could trigger an audit of your medical records.

LW Consulting's Director and General Counsel, Rob Senska, was recently interviewed on The Hospital Finance Podcast produced by Besler Consulting.

Highlights from the podcast include:

  • The purpose of an audit, internal or third-party;
  • Various types of audits providers should be aware of;
  • What can trigger a third-party audit; and
  • Steps practices can take to mitigate their risk.

Let's listen in!