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The Value in Staff Mentoring Programs for Senior Living Providers

September 18, 2017
Healthcare Consulting By Emile LeDoux, Senior Consultant

Mentoring programs improve employee satisfaction, staff retention and the effectiveness of programs and services. In the senior living space, mentoring programs can be exceedingly beneficial in helping facilities remain compliant with State and Federal regulatory requirements.


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LW Consulting, Inc. offers a unique mentoring program where one of our consultants will work directly with your community to enhance the effectiveness of the department, in addition to training your director to operate the department in a manner that meets regulatory compliance. We will arrange for a consultant to work alongside your community’s director to help create programs that meet your community's specific needs. The frequency of the consultant visits and the length of the engagement will be determined at the beginning of the process during an interview and department assessment. Each of our mentoring programs are different and designed to accommodate the educational needs of your director, community and staff. The value in staff mentoring programs far exceeds the cost, and the benefits are immeasurable. Areas of focus include:

  • Progressive Improvement: The consultant will establish goals and a timeline to achieve them. The goals will be determined based on the client’s concerns and the department assessment.
  • Work Routines and Staffing: The consultant will review current work routines, job descriptions and staffing patterns throughout the department and make suggestions based on work load and facility organization.
  • Policies and Procedures: All policies and procedures will be reviewed to make sure that the department is following the established programs. In the event programs are not being followed or do not meet current regulations, the consultant will work with the director to develop new policies and procedures that address gaps. Our consultants have helped, in many instances, to create new operational manuals that are specific to our client's needs.
  • Training: Staff training will be reviewed to ensure effectiveness and scope. While mentoring the director, the entire department will be evaluated and recommendations will be made to ensure performance at maximum potential. The director will be responsible for ensuring all staff have been properly trained, and that they understand all aspects of their work assignment.
  • Quality Assurance Program: The consultant will work with the director to ensure that there are procedures in place to monitor the effectiveness of the programs that have been established. It will be the responsibility of the director to learn all aspects of the department, and to monitor his or her staff’s performance.
  • Daily Contact: The consultant will be available to speak with the director daily to review the goals of the current day, week, and month. The consultant will also act as a sounding board when issues arise at the community. Daily contact allows the director to become accustomed to a routine, allowing for planned discussions while ensuring follow through with the plans that have been put into action.
  • Improved Efficiencies: When a department is managed, staffed and trained correctly, the department will be more efficient—saving the community money and valuable resources.
  • Supplies and Equipment: The consultant will review the current supplies and equipment used, and will make suggestions on what may be needed to increase efficiency.
  • Long-tenured Directors: Oftentimes, a long-tenured director may not be up to speed in the changing environment in which they work. Through our mentoring program, you'll be able to improve the performance level of a long-tenured director. 

LW Consulting Inc. offers mentoring programs for Dining Services, Housekeeping and Laundry departments. There are many reasons to take advantage of these programs:

  • Have there been numerous complaints about the department through resident council or issues that have been identified by family members or internally through the management team?
  • Has the community received deficiencies through annual or complaint surveys?
  • Is your long-tenured director no longer performing at optimal level?
  • Is staff performance decreasing and your director unable to improve performance levels?
  • Is your department experiencing purchasing or staffing related financial issues?

Contact LW Consulting Inc. to arrange a meeting with a consultant that can take an in-depth look at how your department functions. We will walk you through specific areas needing improvement to enhance your community for the benefit of the residents you serve.