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California database shows healthcare trends

October 18, 2012
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Computers have been the wave of the future for some time now, and the healthcare industry is not about to fall behind. With the rise of electronic medical records (EMRs) and e-prescribing software, for example, physicians and patients are both seeing the benefits of digital medical documentation.

Medical facilities that are looking to implement these, or other, technologies should ensure that a hospital consultant that is knowledgeable in healthcare IT consulting works with them on the integration process.

California has taken the next step toward electronic documentation with the creation of a statewide database of healthcare workers and education. Officials said that it will meet the industry's future needs, including equitable distribution of providers across the state.

The Office of Statewide Health Development and Planning (OSHPD) announced that its Healthcare Workforce Clearinghouse will show information on providers, listed by occupation and county, projected annual job openings, some wage information and educational programs that train these kinds of professionals.

"Many people in government and private nonprofit organizations need access to the type of timely and user friendly data that OSHPD is making available," OSHPD director Robert David said in a statement. "Accurate information on the health workforce will be vitally important as we plan to meet California's future healthcare needs."

According to the Sacramento Business Journal, this information is highly important, as demand for these occupations is expected to increase with the full launch of federal health reform.

However, the database does not detail which areas are experiencing shortages or overages of a particular profession. The source said that assumptions could also not be made that low numbers in one particular area is due to occupational shortages, because population could be a factor. 

As medical facilities work to make their systems as thorough and technologically adept as possible, healthcare IT consulting will ensure that the integration process runs smoothly.