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EHRs help Olympic athletes and the everyday patient

October 18, 2012
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The medical sector has been devoted to improving patient care and lowering the rising costs of healthcare in the last several years. The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act shows how the Obama administration and the federal government in general have been attempting to decrease expenses and reform healthcare.

Some other major initiatives taken by government officials include the drafting of the HITECH Act, meaningful use regulations and ICD-10 compliance standards. As any healthcare IT consulting professional knows, this has all brought forward the advancement of new technologies, such as electronic health records (EHRs) and e-prescribing software.

Much of the medical sector has embraced EHRs and health IT technology. For instance, this past summer, even Olympic athletes had their doctors' hold medical information on an EHR system. The United States Olympic Committee decided that, because the athletes travel across the world and doctors sometimes need to access their data at a remote location, electronic records provide the best opportunity for medical professionals to access health information and pull up medical charts.

While Olympic athletes are some of the strongest and healthiest patients that doctors may encounter, the majority of the medical sector works with treating patients who do not exercise for most of the day, seven days per week. Physicians do encourage patients to exercise as often as possible and new research shows that entering physical activity into a patient's electronic record improves their treatment and quality of care, according to Healthcare IT News.

The Kaiser Permanente study followed more than 1 million patients and found that 86 percent had an exercise record incorporated in their medical documentation. Out of these patients, one-third were found to be meeting national guidelines for physical activity.

Doctors who are looking to gain guidance in EHR implementation should speak with a hospital consultant with experience in healthcare IT consulting.