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Geriatric care managers may improve health outcomes of elderly patients

December 10, 2012
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As the baby boomer population gets older and requires more healthcare services, medical facilities are likely to see an increased need for both geriatric and long-term care services. Hospitals and medical practices that are having difficulty addressing the needs of these patients should consider speaking with a long-term care consultant.

The Wall Street Journal reported that elderly patients may benefit from having a geriatric care manager provide them with necessary services for their overall livelihood and survival. This particular occupation has been around since the 1980s but few have heard about it. The position is for those interested and educated in social work, psychology and nursing.

These professionals help elderly patients coordinate necessary care, which includes working with housekeeping and home health aides. However, families often pay out of pocket for geriatric care managers, as Medicare is not able to cover the cost of these professionals nor long-term care specialists.

Contract workers or part-time employees, however, do not have as much experience in certain situations, as they are not paid to attend workshops or visit assisted living facilities.

"They're not employees, and their ability to do background work is limited based on whether the employer will pay for education," Robert Bullock, principal of the Elder and Disability Law Center in Washington, D.C., told the news source.

When it comes to treating elderly patients, geriatric specialists who work with trauma departments when the aged patients are admitted to an emergency room have shown improved outcomes, according to News Medical.

Hospital providers that wish to ensure elderly patients are taken care of adequately should speak with a long-term care consultant who provides skilled nursing services and has developed healthcare strategic planning programs necessary for superior health outcomes of these individuals.