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Health IT tools beneficial for population health management

December 20, 2012
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One of the major goals within the medical industry is that of developing population health management techniques through the use of advanced electronic health records (EHRs), billing and e-prescribing systems. By working with a hospital consultant offering healthcare IT consulting services, medical providers have gained the necessary knowledge to manage the health of their community.

Along with EHRs and analytic tools, a program called the Care Continuum Alliance offers a patient-centered population health management delivery system, according to InformationWeek Healthcare. This program allows doctors to develop solutions for patients that address both their short-term and long-term health goals.

With the use of remote monitoring devices and new technologies, doctors are finding innovative ways to improve population health in their community. Using the accountable care organization (ACO), healthcare providers have focused on greater means to improve patient health outcomes.

Because ACO development can become complicated, providers are currently incorporating new technological systems to address these concerns, handle the care of a large population and provide greater access to quality care. The incorporation of Big Data will also bring about stronger patient health management.

"Fully integrated technology infrastructure can facilitate real-time population health management," the news source reported. "But the healthcare industry has a ways to go to widely implement such a robust technology platform. As we quickly move in that direction, however, we are creating systems that can predict which patients will be at risk for expensive care, and how we will use connected health tools to extend our providers across larger patient populations."

By working with a healthcare IT consulting company, medical providers can ensure that their facilities remain HIPAA compliant, develop ICD-10 implementation procedures and improve overall population health management techniques.